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7 Easy Ways to Live More Sustainably in Odense

Denmark’s third largest city, Odense, has blossomed in the last few of years into a place where choices to be sustainable and environmentally friendly are around every corner, from opting for a wide range of vegan products to reducing our packaging! One of the most fascinating aspects of being human is that we have the ability to adapt and make these choices, so sustainability is right at our fingertips if we choose it. 

Learn seven tips on how to live your life in Odense in a more sustainable way in this article written by Rachael Kealy, our amazing guest from Season II!


Originally from Ireland, Rachael studied marine biology at the SDU. In her free time, she is just as passionate about pole dancing and aerial acrobatics as she is about living a sustainable life!

Buy Locally

Farmer's market in Odense

All year round there is a biweekly farmer’s market held in Odense’s city center where you can buy fresh fruit and vegetables and freshly smoked cheese directly from local farmers. Many of the products are weighed in bulk so it’s always a good idea to bring your own bags to minimize plastic consumption where possible.


Have you ever wondered what a zero-waste store looks like? Look no further, because there is one right in the heart of Odense! Silo Marked promotes zero-waste living by offering an extensive selection of items that allow you to say no to packaging and yes to organic, vegan, and sustainable living. The best method is to bring empty recycled glass jars, containers, and bags from home to fill in-store with all kinds of dried foods in bulk, such as spices, nuts, dried fruits, cleaning products, recyclable household products, and reusable products.

Zero waste shop in Odense


Shopping secondhand in OdenseNot only is it sustainable to purchase clothes second hand, but we also support charity and find bargains on quality clothes! Here is a list of 8 great second hand (not vintage) stores in Odense:

  1. Røde Kors Butik Odense Fjordsgade
  2. Røde Kors Butik Odense Østerbro
  3. Danmission Genbrug Thriges Plads
  4. Danmission Genbrug Odense
  5. GenbrugsHallerne
  6. Mødrehjølpen Odense
  7. Odense Genbrugssalg
  8. Loppemarked Odense

reuse glass jars

Let’s be honest, when it comes to being sustainable, we don’t want to make huge changes to our lifestyle or become the next biggest DIY/upcycling expert. But one of the best ways to reduce the items we need to buy is to recycle and reuse products we already have at our disposal, such as the fantastically funky, timeless glass jar. The cool thing about reusing jars is that you automatically end up saving money and reducing the packaging that would have come with a new container. Many food products in Odense come in glass jars. Once they’re empty, all you need to do is soak them in warm soapy water for 30 minutes to remove their labels, and their uses are endless.

Here are 6 common household items that glass jars can be used for:

  1. Toothbrushes
  2. Hair ties and clips
  3. Makeup
  4. Pencils, pens, or paintbrushes
  5. Drinking glasses
  6. Kitchen utensils

Also check out 21 Brilliant Ways To Reuse Glass Jars

Glass jars filled with different items

reduce food waste

Salads made in reusable jars

Although most homes in Odense have a compost bin, up to 80% of waste by weight is organic, which rarely decomposes in landfills. Prevent food waste by choosing foods that are near expiry date, found at discounted prices in almost all supermarkets. You can always freeze them along with your leftovers in reusable containers for another day. If you’re feeling extra sassy, you can make Salad in a Jar (a great way to prep meals and avoid buying packaged items on your lunch break). For extra lazy days, when takeaway is on the cards, choose to buy from the TooGood2Go app that supports the fight against food waste

DIY deodorant

Of course, there are limitless options to create your own cosmetics, however, this simple 3-min zero-waste deodorant recipe is definitely a favourite because it is actually effective in eliminating body odour and can be scented however you like! And guess what, it pops perfectly into a recycled glass jar. Ingredients can be found at Naturkost, one of Odense’s most hyggelige stores. They stock everything that is a little bit extra in life, such as essential oils, arrowroot powder, and flavoured tofu.

DIY deodorant in a reusable jar

plants in tin cans

Plants in tin cans

Tin cans are another constantly disposed of items in the home. There are boundless ideas that can help you get creative with them. But since we’re steering away from upcycling and extra work today, a screwdriver stabbed into the bottom of a few tin cans works perfectly to start potting your new herb garden.

Thank you for the awesome tips on how to make our life in Odense more sustainable! Would you like to hear more from Rachael? Head over to the guest section and listen to her episode!

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