Meet the team behind the Humans of SDU - Gargi, Franka, Anna, Sofie, Martin, Miska


A podcast. A community. A passion project of six friends.

Starting at a new university can be a little daunting. You have just moved to a new city – or even a new country! Quick chats at the canteen or between classes don‘t allow you to get to know people properly. What to do? That‘s where the podcast Humans of SDU comes in!

But how exactly did it come to be? With three international students originally hailing from Czechia and Slovakia who decided to try their luck in Denmark. We did not like the anonymity the university. So we moved our friendship to the next level and started a little project. 

We decided to discover and introduce the stories of those who roam the endless, always-too-busy halls of the SDU. We wanted to talk to them and share the conversations so you can get to know your fellow students better or see the other side of your teachers – and get inspired by their stories. 

Months went by and we liked what we were doing. Our ambitions with the podcast grew. They say that three’s a crowd – but we disagreed. So we decided to welcome three more members to the Humans of SDU team to be able to achieve greater stuff.

Learn about our history and get to know our team below!


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02/2020 Podcast launch
02/2020 First episode
03/2020 Online recordings
05/2020 Followers milestone
06/2020 First teacher
06/2020 Guest dinner
08/2020 1000 listens
09/2020 Season II
11/2020 New team members
02/2021 Happy birthday


Meet Anna - person behind the Humans of SDU podcast and a passionate hiker


Meet Martin - person behind the Humans of SDU podcast and a skilled tea brewer


Meet Franka - person behind the Humans of SDU podcast and a semi-professional water polo player


Meet Miška - person behind the Humans of SDU podcast and a lover of Harry Potter


Meet Gargi - person behind the Humans of SDU podcast and a pharmacy student


Meet Sofie - person behind the Humans of SDU podcast and a bioinformatics student



The team of Humans of SDU is always ready to meet new people! Would you like to learn more about the project? Suggest a cooperation? Or just have a chat with us? No matter the reason, feel free to drop us a line, message, even a carrier pigeon will do. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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Humans of SDU is a student organization registered under the University of Southern Denmark. Go and explore this website to find the latest podcast episodes, meet all the guests, and remember to subscribe to our feed.

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