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It’s wonderful to watch Humans of SDU grow. But it has its threats, you know. Your project grows = there is more work = you need to work more hours. And in order to keep those hours within reasonable, volunteer-friendly limits, sometimes we go out and look for team members. But how does this work for a student project such as ours? What is important to have when you want to join? And what can Humans of SDU offer you if you join them?

We believe the following paragraphs will be interesting not only for those who are considering joining our team and volunteering with Humans of SDU but also for those who are curious about how we work, what we value, and who we are.

What's it in for you?

Joining Humans of SDU as well as any other volunteer project guarantees that you meet a bunch of great people. People who want to do something extra. People who want to have fun. People who are committed to the project because let’s face it, the commitment is simply the only glue sticking them to voluntary, unpaid, time-consuming work.

However, there are reasons for such a commitment. It’s not that you are told to have a commitment and unless you find one, you are not being considered. It’s also not something that you have from the beginning. It is something you discover gradually – by engaging with the tasks, getting to know the team, and gaining more and more responsibility and autonomy within your work. Like any other relationship, even the relationship with the project needs to grow and you need to take good care of it. As we like to say: the more you put into it, the more you get back.

This is where it gets a bit tricky. You may think: how dare you ask me to put a lot of time and effort into something that doesn’t pay back? Well, it does not pay back with money, that’s for sure. But being a volunteer for Humans of SDU is rewarding in many other ways: experience, meeting new people, discovering your passions and interests, and most importantly – you enter a space which is ideal for learning because there are no big consequences of your mistakes and so you can experiment greatly.

What do we value and who are we?

The willingness to learn, try, and meet is therefore a crucial factor when we look for new team members. On the contrary, experience, skills, and education do not play almost any role. We make a podcast, yes, but it does not mean that we only look for journalism students. In fact, our team right now is a great mixture of different educations – product development, American studies, environmental engineering, international communication, pharmacy, and computational biomedicine. Did we prove our point well enough?

You are always welcome to go and meet us on our team page or by re-visitng our Instagram post below. We will be also excited if you say hi to us through our contact form. And in case you would like US to meet YOU –  this is the place to visit.

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