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Welcome to the BLOG section of Humans of SDU! On top of creating an amazing podcast content, we will also try to impress you by our written pieces – sharing our thoughts on the project, on life, on universe… But it is not only our team pouring out their hearts – you can also read through the articles posted by our guests! If you liked someone’s episode, this is a place to get to know them better! The best way to find what you are looking for is to use the navigation menu on top of this page. And if you have your favourite episode but that person hasn’t published an article here yet, let us know and we will give them a gentle nudge that someone would like to read their work!


Bookshelf as a representation of your life? Rune, our guest from Season I, shares his five reasons why he loves to read. Enjoy and perhaps, find an inspiration for your next read. Read more

HongYun, our guest number five, describes her time after graduating in Denmark and moving back to China. Learn how job hunting looks like in her country. Read more

Learn about how to live your life in Odense more sustainably with seven tips on secondhand shopping or zero waste lifestyle from Rachael, our guest from Season II! Read more


Out of ideas what to cook? Pans and pots could be the monsters under your bed? Sofie used to be like that too! Read about how she changed her cooking habits. Read more

Finding it challenging to get to know people at your new university? Anna comes to the rescue and shares the result of a survey on meeting fellow students. Read more

With exams coming up, everyone is feeling ‘off’ in some ways. Franka describes her own situation in this article, shares her symptoms as well as tips on how to feel better. Read more

The fact that Humans of SDU grow is great. But it means that we need to grow in people, too. How does this work for a student project such as ours? Read more

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