HongYun, SDU graduate, now on a jub hunt in China

Journey of Job Hunting as a Fresh Graduate in China

When HongYun visited our homey podcast studio in March 2020, she was just in the midst of changing the topic of her Master thesis so a lot was going on for her. On top of that,  the world was hit by a new coronavirus pandemic, which was going crazy, especially in her home country China. One year later, she is writing this article from Beijing, as an SDU graduate, with a diploma on her wall, looking forward to starting her new job. Sounds like a completely different lifestyle, right?

Learn how job hunting looks like in China through a story of HongYun – our podcast guest number five!


HongYun studied Cand.Negot at SDU and graduated in summer 2020. She enjoys swimming, running, and listening to classical and pop music. Sports and music help her relax and stay stress-free.

I came back to China at the beginning of November 2020 due to covid-19 and I have gone through the one-month isolation after I arrived in Beijing. After going through the quarantine, I started to hunt for a suitable job with my Master diploma as a fresh SDU graduate.

Confident Start as SDU Graduate

Honestly, I was quite confident at the beginning with my moderate CV and multilingual skill, and accordingly I also received many phone calls from different small-/medium-sized companies. Nevertheless, the period of being confident has not stayed with me for too long due to the second curve of covid-19 in China, and I started getting anxious, especially during the Spring Festival period when the hunting time for students was paused almost completely.

HongYun on a career fair

Thus, I began to consider just getting into any company to gain the practical experience rather than picking out the preferred industries and job titles. By doing so, I got many invitations to job interviews, and consequently started to think which company I shall go to based on its scales.

Consequently, I started to work in Shinhan Bank as an associate in February 2021. Surroundings commented to me that it was a great stable job I got during this difficult covid period. Furthermore, due to the stereotype for females in Chinese society, working in the bank is regarded as one of the best jobs for women. Hence, with all those cheers, I just started to work in Shinhan without really listening to myself. 

However, I realized that working is not only about earning money and being successful from others’ perspectives, but also about if it could make us happy and help us achieve our personal values.

Time for the Actual Dream Job

After working 2 months in the bank, I started to doubt if I would enjoy the work-/lifestyle of bankers. Since I realized that I do not want to push myself again and again to pretend being positive and happy by wearing a mask, I have started a new journey to hunt a more suitable job again during the spring job seeking season by researching diverse career developments.

Fortunately, I have discovered that the consulting industry, which offers many efficient marketing solutions for diversified corporations, could be an interesting career for me because I have also realized that I am inclined to find many possible financial solutions for customers while working in the bank, which is a good feature to have in the consulting industry. What’s more, it came to me that I would like to try many different industries at first rather than staying in one industry forever just because of the first role and step, and thus I started to write my resume in a more consulting style to achieve my career plan.

Job fair in Beijing

Hard work pays off. I have finally got an offer from Kantar Consulting in China and would start my new consulting career from the middle of June 2021. All in all, I want to say that even though the path of hunting suitable/interesting jobs can be circuitous, each step on the circuitous route could actually be seen as the meaning interlude to find real self and the necessary part to achieve dreams.

Thank you, HongYun, for sharing your personal story with us once again! Although not as a student anymore but as an SDU graduate instead. In case you missed the first occasion, listen to her episode now!

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