Episode 16 – Rune

Humans of SDU
Humans of SDU
Episode 16 - Rune


Rune is a Humans of SDU premiere in a sense. It is the first episode when we do no talk to a student. Rune works as a student counselor. So, go ahead and enjoy his interesting thoughts not only on work but also on birdwatching and diary keeping.

  • What is a student counselor’s role at a university?
  • With which problem do students approach Rune most often?
  • What does Rune think about students? What are they like in his opinion?

How did we find Rune?

Rune’s way into the Humans of SDU podcast is like from an imaginary podcast textbook. We noticed Rune was our regular listener who also left a nice review to our show and some nice comments and so, we got to talk and we realized that Rune would do a great guest himself.

As internationals, we had no experience with student counselors, there were no such people at our Czech universities. Thus, learning what it is that such a person actually does (talks to people and gets paid – that’s the dream!) was the main puller.

Portrait of Rune from Humans of SDU

“I was a terrible student so, as a student counselor, I can definitely mirror myself in bad habits of students and in not being able to motivate yourself.”


And at that time we did not even know where this conversation is going to bring us! That someone has watching birds as a hobby? And not only that! That you can compete in such a thing? Well, we are impressed…

…and you will be too! Go ahead, give Rune a listen and get a few tips into your clumsy student life which will surely help you to handle it better – even if it should be just approaching any of the student counselors from the university. Rune, welcome amongst Humans of SDU, we are happy to have you.

How well did you listen?

Are you done listening? Well, click below and test your knowledge of Rune’s story in a simple quiz! Can you get all three answers right?

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How does Rune describe students?
What faculty does Rune work at?
Who introduced Rune to birdwatching?
E16: Rune
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