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Episode 18 – Kenneth

Humans of SDU
Humans of SDU
Episode 18 - Kenneth


Episode 18 of Humans of SDU does not have only one hero as usual but three: Kenneth, Pirate, and Siki. However, Kenneth is the only one we had the chance to talk to. He is a PhD student who works with penguins and researches their hearing. And the other two – Pirate and Siki – are his funny and wild research subjects.

  • What does he train the penguins to do – and are they fast learners?
  • Which family drama story does Kenneth share about his penguins?
  • What does a commercial diver do?

How did we find Kenneth?

Kenneth was actually a referral from our very first guest Esben who told us he has an interesting friend who studies penguins. You may notice the slight difference between episode numbers with Kenneth being guest number 18 of Humans of SDU – this just shows how long it sometimes takes to arrange a meeting. But good things come to those who wait and after a couple of months, we finally got to meet this lovely “penguin guy” (our unofficial nickname for Kenneth before we got to meet him – the thing is, Esben actually didn’t mention his name until later!)

Portrait of Kenneth

“A few years ago, the zoo had a penguin which was kidnapped by a gay penguin couple, it went super viral. There was this poor little chick which has just hatched, and there was this gay couple – which is actually very common in penguin colonies, that they have gay penguins – and they kidnapped this chick from the parents.”


And we are happy we did. It would have been perfect if we also got to meet the cute – and sometimes feisty, as the cuts on Kenneth’s hands proved – penguins. But just listening about them was fascinating, and so was hearing about the love Kenneth has for everything sea-related. He definitely picked the right area of research – so get excited about marine biology as you listen to Kenneth’s story in this penguin-themed episode of Humans of SDU!

And in case you are wandering how did that “viral kidnapping”, which Kenneth refers to in his quote, look like – see for yourself.

How well did you listen?

Done listening? Well, click below and test your knowledge of Kenneth’s story in a simple quiz! Can you get all three answers right?

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What is his favorite animal?
Why is one of the penguins called Pirate?
How often is Kenneth with his penguins at Odense Zoo?
E18: Kenneth
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