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Episode 19 – Anne Klara

Humans of SDU
Humans of SDU
Episode 19 - Anne Klara


Who is the teacher of the year? Anne Klara! Only a few days before the recording with Humans of SDU, Anne Klara was announced as the best teacher at the Faculty of Humanities. Join her talk on student-teacher relationship, what SDU means to her, and how she manages all of this as a single mother.

  • Where to draw the line in teacher-students relationships?
  • What drew Anne Klara to cultural studies?
  • How can it be that Hans Christian Andersen’s stories speak to everyone?

How did we find Anne Klara?

Did you already hear that networking works? Well, guess what, it really does! We took the proper advantage of it when getting Anne Klara on the podcast.

Anne Klara teaches a course on cultural studies and Sofie, one of our former guests, visited her lectures. Because she really enjoyed it, she “tipped her off” and Anne Klara was kind enough to meet us, Humans of SDU, for a chat.

Portrait of Anne Klara

“When you stand in front of the main entrance of SDU, you look at these huge trees. The first time I was at SDU was for my journalism interview. I was so nervous, but my mother said: No matter what you do in there, no matter what you say, you will go out in half an hour and the trees will still be there.”


And that thing about the teacher of the year? We had no idea. We had absolutely no clue until Anne Klara sat opposite of us behind mics and modestly shared this fresh piece of news.

Wait no more, go ahead, and get inspired by Anne Klara’s story.

How well did you listen?

Done listening? Well, click below and test your knowledge of Anne Klara’s story in a simple quiz! Can you get all three answers right?

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What acknowledgment is the most important to Anne Klara?
What makes a good teacher in Anne Klara's opinion?
How many children does Anna Klara take care of as a single mother?
E19: Anne Klara
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