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Episode 20 – Anders

Humans of SDU
Humans of SDU
Episode 20 - Anders


Would you like to know more about the history of teaching? Then this episode is the right one for you! Join Humans of SDU on their talk with Anders about his research on the attention of students, and how teaching methods have changed over the years.

  • At what universities did Anders study or teach before coming back to SDU?
  • How did his “literature circle” help him while studying in France?
  • What is the difference between voluntary and involuntary attention?

How did we find Anders?

In May, we decided to create a mini-series and invite (finally!) also some teachers into Humans of SDU. Anders was one of the brave ones who accepted our invitation despite the fact that no previous episode with a teacher was published yet.

After a brief small talk, where we agreed on some topics we would cover, we pressed *record* and the conversation took us to Anders’s years abroad, his research on the attention of students, and his passion for cycling.

Portrait of Anders

“If I compare it with myself as a student, I think there is lot more contact with the students today.”


Eventually, this “mini-series” consisted of three brilliant interviews. Apart from Anders, we also talked to Anne Klara and Rasmus and you are very welcome to give them a listen as well.

Tune in Humans of SDU, dive into Anders’ episode, and learn how he himself manages to incorporate all the mentioned techniques and attract (and keep!) the attention of his students.

How well did you listen?

Are you done listening? Well, click below and test your knowledge of Anders’ story in a simple quiz! Can you get all three answers right?

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What does Anders teach at SDU?
Which hobby did he have in common with his friends from France?
Which aspect of teaching is of a special interest to Anders' research?
E20: Anders
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