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Episode 23 – Pushkar

Humans of SDU
Humans of SDU
Episode 23 - Pushkar


Today’s guest is Pushkar and in this episode of Humans of SDU, you will be listening to his life as a PhD student at the University of Southern Denmark. He originally hails from India and at the moment, he is conducting his research in a lab in the field of audiology. He’s a good friend of Anna and Martin’s and in this episode, you can listen to him talk about his research as well as his go-to attitude towards life, where he’ll tell you about his experience with strangers – on trains! Listen to this episode to find out:

  • How does our brain react to hearing loss?
  • Does losing hearing actually improve your other senses?
  • What can you get out of talking to a random person on a train?

How did we find Pushkar?

Pushkar actually has a history with the two hosts in today’s episode! You see, Pushkar, Anna, and Martin met at the Friday bar with Anna’s classmates! He sat down at their table and since then, the group adopted him. After meeting a few times, Anna got to know about his PhD research and invited him to be a guest on Humans of SDU – and the rest is history!

Portrait of Pushkar

“There is one thing that people here find really strange but that is very common in India – you can make friends on a train, traveling from one city to another.”


Pushkar is a PhD student at the University of Southern Denmark. When the recording for his episode happened, he was actually coming back from the university at 8 pm! But you might be wondering what exactly is the research actually about? He is researching in the field of auditory neuroscience – which is how we hear and perceive speech! This research can be used to push the boundaries of what we already know about audiology!

Apart from being a very dedicated PhD student, Pushkar also loves to talk to and meet new people. In this episode, he recalls some instances in which he made friends with total strangers (who are friends now!) just traveling from one coast of India to the other. He even attempted to do this here in Europe! So, tune in on another episode of Humans of SDU, to find out how it went for Pushkar when he talked to strangers on trains in Europe with your hosts Anna and Martin.

How well did you listen?

Done listening? Well, click below and test your knowledge of Pushkar’s story in a simple quiz! Can you get all three answers right?

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E23: Pushkar
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