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Episode 26 – Cristiana

Humans of SDU
Humans of SDU
Episode 26 - Cristiana


Our guest Cristiana has started her own business after recently graduating. By running a zero-waste shop Silo Marked in the center of Odense, she is trying to change Denmark’s first position in waste generation and change our consumer behavior. To learn more about what it is like to open a business and fight for sustainability in Odense, listen to this episode of Humans of SDU with Cristiana.

  • How does a zero-waste shop work and who is it suitable for?
  • Being Portuguese, how does she manage communication with her Danish customers?
  • What is the most favorite item among her customers and what is the biggest load someone has ever bought? 

How did we find Cristiana?

It was a pleasure to have Cristiana on the podcast. It was hard to make time for a friendly chat with Humans of SDU in her busy schedule due to her running her business alone. But it was all for the greater good as Cristiana explains the importance of food waste and how she helps customers get used to this new lifestyle.

Portrait of Cristiana

“Zero waste does not mean literally zero waste. It is just a concept, a goal that a person should try to avoid waste or try to respect and follow the three Rs – reduce, reuse, recycle.”


We know that we cannot solve food waste in one day. However, every little thing you do is a big step forward. And Cristiana and her shop is a huge help in this process. In this episode of Humans of SDU, Cristiana explains how she maintains customer support while creating a friendly environment with her customers. Some people only come in for a small portion of candy while others take their monthly pasta portion from her.

Cristiana is an SDU alumna from the Esbjerg campus where she studied Environmental and Resource Management. She was seeking a challenge after graduation – so she jumped right into it and made her passion her job by opening her own shop.

How well did you listen?

Done listening? Well, click below and test your knowledge of Cristiana’s story in a simple quiz! Can you get all three answers right?

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What is the most popular product in her shop?
How does she help her customers in choosing the right product?
What was the biggest amount of pasta she's sold?
E26: Cristiana
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