Episode 33 – Dylan

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Humans of SDU
Episode 33 - Dylan


Dylan is part of the clever and intricate minds of guests on Humans of SDU. He is a PhD student and a teacher at SDU whilst dabbling in creating art as well. He has hosted events to display his artistic capabilities and in his daily life, he works with drones!

  • How did his childhood with hippie parents look like?
  • Why did he leave his “American dream” behind?
  •  What kind of art does he – as an engineer – make? Check it out at this gallery

How did we find Dylan?

We got the opportunity to interview Dylan due to one of our other guests – Blaise. Normally, we have to stalk our guests beforehand but Dylan was kind enough to share his wonderful website with us! Despite coronavirus restrictions haunting our recordings, Dylan was down to record with us in person – which we really enjoyed.

“You could say my parents were hippies back in the 1980s – they were doing an off-grid type of vibe, out in the remote part of Alaska. Their dream was to be independent, have a lot of freedom, be in touch with nature. My mom won a lottery where she actually won a piece of property out in the forest. And that was right about the time when she was pregnant with me.”


Dylan was such a pleasure to talk to and listening to his life story was intriguing. We talked about the first chunk of his life which he spent in a remote Alaskan village where his parents lived a pretty primitive lifestyle! From there on, Dylan’s life as an academic began. He is educated as a mechanical engineer and has worked as an engineer for Boeing and helped to develop the Stratolaunch (the world’s largest airplane). Today, he holds a PhD and is an associate professor at SDU at the “Unmanned Aerial Systems Center” or in layman terms – drones. Both Miška and Gargi enjoyed listening to Dylan’s life story and his intricate art creations like the Ether. Tune in to listen to Dylan’s story on another episode of Humans of SDU – we guarantee you will enjoy it as much as we did.

Fun fact about Dylan: He makes his own masks and he will teach you how to make your own – find it here!

How well did you listen?

Done listening? Well, click below and test your knowledge of Dylan’s story in a simple quiz! Can you get all three answers right?

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Where did Dylan's parents live for the first part of Dylan's life?
Why did Dylan move to Denmark?
Did he move to California?
E33: Dylan
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