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Episode 35 – Zlatko

Humans of SDU
Humans of SDU
Episode 35 - Zlatko


The last episode of Humans of SDU of 2020 is a jolly interview with Zlatko – a janitor at one of the university’s dorms. Zlatko is sharing his story of how he escaped the Yugoslav Wars and got to Denmark. Listen to our last episode of 2020!

  • How was his refugee journey from Yugoslavia to Denmark with a wife and two baby kids?
  • How many people shared one washing machine in his refugee camp in Odense?
  • What funny stories happened in the student dorm where he works as a janitor?

How did we find Zlatko?

Zlatko is a janitor at the dorms where Martin and Anna live. He is a very amusing person and likes to talk to all the tenants in the building. Even though he’s quite busy all the time, he always spares a few words with people he meets around the building.

When we started the podcast, we really wanted Zlatko to come at some point to share his amazing life story and all the energy he has.

Portrait of Zlatko

“Think before you say something. Sometimes people tell something stupid to other people and after they regret it. But it is already too late. Always think twice before you say it.”


Zlatko is a person with an amazing life story and he is also an amazing storyteller. For most of the episode he’s talking and we are just listening. He’s also a person with a huge amount of positive energy. So, tune in and let some of that energy make your day a little bit brighter, a bit more positive…

How well did you listen?

Are you done listening? Well, click below and test your knowledge of Zlatko’s story in a simple quiz! Can you get all three answers right?

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Where was the refugee camp he and his family stayed at?
What did he study back in Bosnia?
What does he do to relax?
E35: Zlatko
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