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Episode 37 – Emma

Humans of SDU
Humans of SDU
Episode 37 - Emma


Another clever mind on Humans of SDU – Emma, a science student with an interest in ecotoxicology. She is also an active member of a workgroup on sustainability at the university, she cares about gender equality in her field, and… she has a little surprise hidden for you inside of the episode!

  • How does the University of Southern Denmark work towards Sustainable Development Goals?
  • What is specific about the LGBTQ community in science?
  • How is Emma preparing for her exchange in these corona times?

How did we find Emma?

There is a very simple answer – we didn’t! Emma is a truly brave soul who clicked on our sign-up form without being hunted down to do so by any of us. Naturally, we were very excited to meet this rare specimen. However, coronavirus started acting out again just as we were setting up the interview, and the closest we could get to the lovely Emma was through a computer screen.

Portrait of Emma

“One of my role models in science is Rachel Carson, a pioneering biologist and ecotoxicologist. I know Rachel struggled a lot with being put down by male scientists who thought that she had nothing useful to say partly because she was a woman. And this is a viewpoint some people still have.”


But that did not stop us from enjoying our conversation! We were lucky to catch her just before her exchange semester in Belgium. So naturally, we talked about traveling in times of corona but she also took us through her research in ecotoxicology or sustainability at the SDU. Being interviewed by two humanities/social sciences veterans Anna and Miška, Emma also opened their eyes to how hard it can be for a woman who studies science. We are more than happy to share her interesting thoughts and her own story, so tune in to Emma in another episode of Humans of SDU!

Oh, and a fun fact! Since we were unable to take her picture, Emma covered for us, and perfectly – you wouldn’t even know it was not Anna who took her picture after the lovely conversation!

How well did you listen?

Done listening? Well, click below and test your knowledge of Emma’s story in a simple quiz! Can you get all three answers right?

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Where is Emma doing her exchange?
Who was her role model Rachel Carson?
Emma is working towards an SDU that will be more...
E37 - Emma
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