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Episode 44 – Alev

Humans of SDU
Humans of SDU
Episode 44 - Alev


Let’s meet Alev who is an Assistant Professor at SDU and teaches marketing. When recording this Humans of SDU episode, she was in Turkey, Ankara. She doesn’t mind the remote work: her colleagues aren’t all in Denmark, either. Oh, the joys of a multicultural workplace!

In the 44th episode of Humans of SDU, we talk to Alev about urban environments.

  • How does one research a neighborhood?
  • Is it better to teach in Denmark than in Turkey?
  • What’s Alev’s relationship with marketing?

How did we find Alev?

Alev teaches a course ‘Marketing Across Cultures’ which Anna took. And because Alev herself is also a podcast host, we thought it would be an excellent opportunity to interview her for Humans of SDU.

One of Alev’s research topics deals with the politics of belonging in urban spaces. In this, she focuses on urban foodscapes and whether they encourage belonging or exclusion for social groups of diverse ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds. The listeners of Humans of SDU can hear the interesting discussion about this and how this is represented in Nørrebro, Copenhagen.

Portrait of Alev

“There are these cafés and spaces that have Middle-Eastern cuisines and designs and atmospheres showing Middle-Eastern background but combined with Danish elements. And when you walk into these places, you feel a certain type of warmth and sense of being welcomed. People from different backgrounds hang out together. There are almost like protected spaces where everyone can coexist.”


Another passion of Alev is sustainable consumption. She talks about this in detail in her own podcast, Tales of Consumption. Here they touch upon the staples of modern society: coffee, movies, and fashion, among other interesting topics. Give this podcast a listen after this episode of Humans of SDU!

How well did you listen?

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