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Episode 55 – Marek

Humans of SDU
Humans of SDU
Episode 55 - Marek


Early business ideas with balloon animals and inappropriate stories about toilet paper? Is this what you get when you invite a product design student into a podcast? Probably not always. But it is what we got when we invited Marek into Humans of SDU – a smooth-tongued mixture of well-meant advice and not-so-well-meant toilet-paper revenge. Tune in and have a laugh with us at the 55th episode of Humans of SDU.

  • What was Marek’s way of making his living after arriving in Denmark?
  • How do you come out as a “bigger man” from a toilet-paper dispute?
  • In what way did Marek impress his elementary school principal?

How did we find Marek?

This time, there really was no struggle – all Miška needed to do was look into her attic and drag her nights-working, black humor-loving flatmate into the daylight (and the studio).

Miška met Marek, the newest addition to the Humans of SDU guest gallery, all the way back in Slovakia seven years ago. Want to know a fun fact about their first meeting? Marek kept calling her “Charles” for the entire evening because he forgot her name. How a friendship developed from that, she truly doesn’t know, but it is great that it did. Having moved to Denmark already five years ago, Marek was a trailblazer for her and helped her settle into Odense – and who can be mad forever when their flatmate is also a proficient cheesecake-maker?

Portrait of Marek

“If you stay in the same place and you don’t tackle new obstacles, you’re going to stay at the same level you are at right now. But if you go and face uncomfortable challenges, you are going to gather more experience and you are going to start being more valuable to people.”


Chatting with Marek for this episode of Humans of SDU was both a lot of fun and inspirational. He shared his journey into Denmark (and a hardcore life hack – listen to the very end!), and then he made us giggle into the microphones by talking about his domestic disputes. And despite knowing each other pretty well, Miška realized she completely forgot about something her flatmate can do! What is it? Well, for that, you have to tune in to Marek and his episode on Humans of SDU!

Done listening? Well, click below and test your knowledge of Marek’s story in a simple quiz! Can you get all three answers right?

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Where did Marek go right after finishing high school?
What is a special skill Marek has?
Why was he crushing cookies with a hammer?
E55: Marek
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