Episode 56 – Summer Bonus

Humans of SDU
Humans of SDU
Episode 56 - Summer Bonus


Time to meet the new voices of Humans of SDU. This bonus episode is brought to you by Pohali, Navina and Irina, our newest members. The girls will tell you how they ended up in Denmark and in the podcast as well. And they will take you through their favourite foods, Christmas desserts and summer plans!

  • Does Navina know how to make aebleskiver?
  • What is Irina’s favourite band?
  • Where was Pohali on honeymoon?

How did we find Pohali, Navina, and Irina?

It was actually Pohali’s husband, a previous guest on the podcast, who recommended her to apply to Humans of SDU. She was looking for something to get to know more people in Denmark and he told her about the podcast and showed her the recruitment post.

Navina was introduced to Humans of SDU by one of her professors, another podcast guest, and then started following it. Just like Pohali, she applied in April after seeing the recruitment post, wanting to challenge herself.

Irina found out about the podcast randomly last year when it just started and thought it was a very interesting idea. This year she also saw the recruitment post and immediately decided to apply.

Tune in to another episode of Humans of SDU to get to know Pohali, Navina, and Irina better.

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Does Navina know how to make aebleskiver?
What is Irina’s favourite band?
Where was Pohali on honeymoon?
E56: Bonus episode
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