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Episode 6 – Doha

Humans of SDU
Humans of SDU
Episode 6 - Doha


In this podcast, we share stories of people from the University of Southern Denmark. And particularly in this episode of Humans of SDU, we had the opportunity to talk to Doha – a medical student who has a popular Instagram account where she shares her cooking recipes and also raises awareness about depression.

  • How does cooking help Doha overcome her depression?
  • Why does she care so much about her Instagram followers?
  • Does Doha consider herself to be an influencer?

How did we find Doha?

This is starting to be a bit repetitive – remember Esben? Linda? Well, like them, Doha is also a flatmate of Anna and Martin. We guess the 9th floor of Campus Kollegiet is just full of awesome people…

However, with Doha, our discussion took a completely different direction. After watching her make and tasting many of her cooking experiments, we learned that she actually has an Instagram account where she posts all these delicacies and that she is being very successful with that – us being at the start of our social media journey, we were all ears!

Portrait of Doha

“Raising awareness might save someone’s life.”


In the end, it turned out that the story of the recipes is not that simple and straightforward and that there are some serious reasons behind it – such as raising awareness about mental health.

Despite that, the conversation was very relaxed and comforting and we are inviting you to give a listen to Doha’s mellow voice.

How well did you listen?

Done listening? Well, click below and test your knowledge of Doha’s story in a simple quiz! Can you get all three answers right?

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What was the name of Doha's Instagram account at the time of our recording?
What was she originally posting about (before cooking)?
How long does it take her to create one recipe post (not including the cooking part)?
E6: Doha
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