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Episode 65 – Gabi

Humans of SDU
Humans of SDU
Episode 65 - Gabi


In the 65th episode of Humans of SDU, the hosts talk to Gabi, one of Franka’s close friends. Gabi studies medicine, and she’s an enthusiastic fashionista who loves giving fashion advice to her friends. But how did Gabi’s love for fashion start? And what was the most expensive piece Gabi ever bought? Listen to the episode to find out!

Today’s hosts: Sofie and Franka!

How did we find Gabi?

Gabi is actually one of Franka’s floormates and closest friends. As Franka says, Gabi is quite famous for being the designated fashionista of the floor – you can always find her either buying, looking at, or sorting clothes. A tradition on the floor is that they go to Gabi’s room to look at their outfit or take photos. Moral of the story: if you need fashion advice, call Gabi!

Portrait of Gabi

“People usually ask, so what are you doing in your study breaks? And a lot of them say, “oh I’m watching series, I love to cook, I work out”. But me? My breaks are usually just putting music on and styling some outfits. I Love it. I’m like “This I could wear if I’m going out” and “This I could wear if I’m going to a wine bar because it’s prettier but it wouldn’t be good at a club because I can’t move properly in it”. Or “This is gonna be good if I go to a lecture because it’s nice but not too much”. Or if I go to a city centre, and I wanna go to a vintage store, I wanna be more baggy or street style. Like I think a lot about what kind of event it is, where I’m going.”


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